Questions from My mother about Life for a Boat

My Facebook Page may be confusing, i understand. 1 minute I’m showing images of me lounging in a hammock on a Caribbean beach and, a few hours later on, I’m posting an revision of me personally eating sushi in nyc with friends I made throughout the Clipper around the World Race…for example.

Even we believe it is difficult to record in which i’m on my weblog, on my Facebook page as well as on my videos, let alone in which i’m in real world. Which explains why I should be sympathetic when I call my mom and she asks questions like, “in which have you been for the last month?”

“Crossing the Atlantic, Ma.”

“Oh, where are you currently now?”

“The Caribbean.”

“Oh, therefore you’re in the U.S., that’s wonderful!”

“No, not quite…”

I am nowhere close to the U.S. right now, but I have been back again to ny to see my mother three times since I have arrived toward Caribbean. And every time, she has told me how grateful she actually is for my YouTube videos because now she is able to see for herself what I do with my times since I no longer have a work.

(I don’t have one’s heart to inform my mom we don’t make the videos on her behalf alone – though I’m grateful they assist the girl realize my crazy life more.)

questions from my mother about life on a ship turf to surf

It’s this that my mother feeds me personally — I should actually check out more frequently.

The stark reality is my mother does not care why I create videos for YouTube; she’s simply excited she can watch them and show me all of the adventures I’ve been having each and every time we see her. Yes, you read that correctly – my mom wants to play my videos on her tv for me personally so I can observe the things I’ve done…and made videos of.

It’s type of sweet, in fact – it’s like she makes use of YouTube as a means of linking beside me and showing me personally all amazing stuff she really loves in regards to the internet…which is simply cats and viewing me personally sail worldwide. It will be like J.K. Rowling’s mother insisting on reading aloud all her favorite Harry Potter passages every time she came across up with J.K for brunch. Not that i’m comparing myself to J.K. Rowling – however have the idea. It’s weird and adorable.

I should point out here that my mom is Korean and English is not the woman first language so, occasionally, reading all words We post right here on my blog could be tedious on her.

“Thank Jesus for YouTube!” my mother states whenever she watches Chase the Story. “It makes me feel just like I’m right next to you!”

It’s cute how she’s taken regarding the mission of viewing and sharing everything We create on YouTube. That is, until I, actually, am sitting in my own mother’s family area, working away on modifying a video clip, and I look up to see my mom is broadcasting a video clip I made on her Chrome Cast.

“Have you seen that one? Because Of The dolphins?!” She exclaims.

“Yes, mother. I have seen it. I happened to be there. We managed to get.”

This is certainly adorable naturally, however the the truth is that my mother is seeing a chance to display my work if you ask me AND interrupt me personally every 30 seconds to inquire of me personally what exactly is taking place on display screen at any moment. It’s both endearing and aggravating.

And since I don’t have the wherewithal to video record my mother viewing my own YouTube videos while asking me personally questions regarding what exactly is happening in my own videos, I thought I would personally share a number of the gems my mom is throwing at me while I’m attempting to do work in her family area.

  • You don’t really use those activities, would you? (talking about the sails)
  • You can’t guide whenever you are cruising, are you able to?
  • What kind of seafood usually? Mahi Mahi? How will you spell that? (Looks up in Korean dictionary) Do you have another name? it is maybe not within my dictionary.
  • Is it possible to eat that seafood?
  • WOW, YOU MADE THAT DINNER?! (discussing footage of us eating in a restaurant. I’d to indicate that we are not on the boat.)
  • What’s that you’re pulling on, does that help you sail? (discussing footage of me reeling in a fish — I’d to point out that this particular activity has nothing to do with cruising).
  • Exactly how did you receive that image of the dolphins under water?
  • Why is Ryan afraid of horses?
  • How will you know they in your watercraft?
  • Who’s that girl?
  • How does that man talk funny? (discussing our French crew’s accent).
  • Did the bird consume anything?
  • That does not look difficult. Is he stupid? (discussing a team member’s efforts to understand to connect a knot.)
  • Is it possible to sail during the night?

In light that i will get absolutely nothing finished with my mother into the space, I have started initially to look at the notion of AMA (Ask me personally any such thing) and wondered if some of you out there might also have questions regarding my entire life at ocean – just what it involves, how we eat, where we go directly to the bathroom (a common question from children under five) together with problems we experience.

Therefore let this be the opportunity for my mother to start up the table to concerns from anyone exactly how we reside our lives at sea and just what its we do along with our time once we sail across the world.

I am on the road (as usual) for the next few days, but I’d want to read and answer your concerns – post your thinking inside remarks below and I’ll do my better to respond to!

And, mom, try to not to ever overload the comments area here…i am aware it’s hard. Plenty concerns 😉